Emma Haikonen

What happens when a valuable item is exposed to continuous wear?

Constant process of disappearing
is a visual study into attachment
to garments and their slow disappearing.

Materials and garment archetypes generally regarded as valuable collide with signs of wear and repair, revealing hints of workwear.

The garments that might at first seem pristine and precious are with a closer look revealed to be patched, dirty and worn out.

Real luxury lies in things that need to be perceived from close distance.

Look 1:

Top in silk with leather appliqué. Long shirt in silk with printed hem.

Trousers silk satin with frayed crepe fringes.

Look 2:

Jacket in wool-mohair blend and silk zibeline, leather appliqué in the back side of sleeves.

Trousers in silk zibeline and silk satin, frayed crepe fringes.

Look 3:

Jacket in silk twill with frayed crepe fringes.

Dress in cashmere blend and silk zibeline.

Look 4:

Dress in silk satin with frayed crepe fringes.

Look 5:

Coat in wool-mohair blend and silk zibeline with leather appliqué and printed hem.

Dress in silk satin and frayed crepe fringes.

Look 6:

T-shirt in silk with leather appliqué.

Bodysuit in silk with frayed crepe fringes in sleeves.

Wide silk taffeta trousers with leather appliqué.

Aleksi Tikkala

Tino Nyman

Daniel Patty


Makeup & hair
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Sara Hämäläinen

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